September 2012 Competition Results

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Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   September 19, 2012  
    Judge: Doug McLarty  
Monochrome   Prints     
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Darlene Yeager-Torre Horses Grazing at Dusk 6
2nd Ted Stone Amish Buggy Rides 5
3rd Tim Patterson The Garden Chair 4
4th Cherry  Williams Claudette 3
5th Cheri Brent Bus Ride in Havanna 2
HM Al Siegel Delaware Rail Road   Station 1
HM Audrey Begun Zebra Conga Line 1
HM Richard Marquardt Ghost of Reform 1
Color   Prints      
1st George Clark 3 to Infinity 6
2nd Darlene Yeager - Torre Nautilus Shell 5
3rd Carol Shurlow Monkey 4
4th Dick Burry Handy Angel Wings 3
5th Ellen Fox Girl in Blue with   Grey Men 2
HM Audrey Begun Kikuyu Mother Opening   Doors 1
HM Linda Williams Early Hoovers 1
HM Dick Wood Wheels at the Fair 1
HM Carol Shurlow Butterfly and Two   Bees at Clear Creek 1
1st Ria Waugh Memphis Blues 6
2nd Wan Jung Talk to Me 5
3rd Naveen C Pier at Venice Beach 4
4th Kent  Larsson White Horse of   Camarque 2 3
5th Mike Lehner Tiger 2
HM Cheri Brent Evening at the Fair 1
HM Karen English Butterfly 1
HM George Clark Self Portrait 1
HM Al Siegel Schnomeier Gardens 1
HM Al Siegel Sunset at the   Fountain 1

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