February 2013 Competition Results

Theme - No Hand of Man (Nature)

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   February 20,2013  
    Judge: Vince Nobel  
Monochrome   Prints    
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Carol Shurlow Hocking Hills Gorge 6
2nd Richard Marquardt Snowy Owl 5
3rd Dick  Wood Clouds in the   Heartland 4
4th Darlene Yeager Torre Cactus in Early   Morning Light 3
5th Richard Marquardt Snowy River 2
HM Audrey Begun The See Turtle 1
HM Cherry  Williams Winter's Touch 1
HM Frank Begun Manatee Duo 1
Color   Prints      
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Richard Marquardt Great Horned Owl 6
2nd Richard Marquardt Flamboyant 5
3rd Dick Burry Lower Yellowstone   Falls 4
4th Darlene Yeager-Torre It Smells like Fall 3
5th Frank Begun Salamander 2
HM Jim Snyders Smell the Rose 1
HM Ralf Niehaus Praying Mantes 1
HM Charles  Bowdle Autom Glow 1
HM Karen  Adams Pipeline swallowtail 1
HM       1
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st John Cagnina Symmetry 6
2nd Ria Waugh Moremi Trio 5
3rd Fred Braun Grand Canyon Shadows 4
4th Ralf Neihus Morning Light 3
5th Charles Bowdle Uncompahgre Highlands 2
HM Karen Adams Geese 1
HM Frank Begun Grizzly Cubs playing 1
HM Wan Jung Iguana 1
HM Kent  Larson Red Screech Owl 1
HM Mark  Fohl Flowers and Stone 1
HM Mark  Fohl Three Trees 1
HM Dick Woods Heron 1

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