2013 Salon Winners

2012-2013 Salon Digital Winners

1st Scroll & Silk Darlene Yeager-Torre
2nd White Horse Kent Lawson
3rd Schnormeier Gardens Al Siegel
4th Hammered John Cagnina
5th Door in the Arctic Dick Burry
hm Symmetry John Cagnina
hm Sunset on the Fountain Al Siegel
hm Moremi Trio Ria Waugh

2012-2013 Salon Color Print Winners

1st 3 to Infinity George Clark
2nd Heart Healthy Snack George Clark
3rd 1873 Covered Bridge Darlene Yeager-Torre
4th Southwestern Still Life George Clark
5th North Market Cheri Brent
hm The Great Horned Owl Richard Marquardt
hm I'm Watching You
(Great Gorned Owl) George Clark
hm Quiet Pond at Night Carol Shurlow

2012-2013 Salon Monochrome Print Winners

1st Niagara Falls at Night
Ice Formation Richard Marquardt
2nd Cactus Legs Carol Shurlow
3rd Egg Slicer Richard Marquardt
4th Paul Hammock General Store Dick Burry
5th Spring Storm Looming Darlene Yeager-Torre
hm Gothic Arches Dick Wood
hm Pod Darlene Yeager-Torre
hm The Garden Chair Tim Patterson

Scroll & Silk Darlene Yeager-Torre

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