September 2013 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   Wednesday, September 18, 2013  
    Judge: Amanda Cook  
Monochrome Prints  
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Hugh Saint-Amand Crystal cove 6
2nd Fred Braun Cambodian Jeweler 5
3rd John Enterline Abstraction 4
4th Dick Wood Primitive Baptist Church 3
5th Audrey Begun Ouch 2
HM Ted Stone Schnormeier 1
HM Frank Begun Walk at Prismatic Springs 1
HM Dick Wood Empire State Building 1
Color Prints    
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Dick Burry No Mail Again 6
2nd John Enterline 5 Radishes 5
3rd Hugh Saint-Amand For Life 4
4th George Clark Art Appreciation 3
5th Karen English Tall Friends 2
HM Dick Wood Sunset at the Smokeys 1
HM Ted Stone Civil War Reinactment 1
HM Carol Shurlow Early Morning at East Lake 1
HM John Enterline Patouse Landscape 1
Digital Scarlet     
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Darlene Yeager-Torre Waiting 6
2nd Kent Larsson Rauks at Gamlehamn 5
3rd Johnny Runciman Fireworks Over the Scioto River 4
4th John Enterline Wine and Windows 3
5th Kathy Wagner Utah Sunrise 2
HM Anna Miller Tree at Sunset 1
HM Carol Shurlow Storm is Over 1
HM Mark Fohl Fallen Heroes 1
HM John Enterline Crop Dusting 1
HM Ralf Niehaus Logan Old Doors 1
HM Dick Wood Grain Elevator 1
Digital Gray    
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Wan Jung Hummingbird 6
2nd Kent Larsson Angles and Reflections, Downtown 5
3rd Paul Wilbur Wires 4
4th Karen English Lunchtime 3
5th Juan Velez Bottle Reflections 2
HM Jim Snyders View from Above O'Shaughnessy Dam 1
HM Linda Williams Happiness 1
HM   Sgontz New Zealand Waterfall 1
HM Anna Miller Can You Hear Me Now? 1
HM Fred Braun Look of Poverty 1
HM John Cagnina I'm Outta Here 1

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