March 2014 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
Monochrome Prints    
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Darlene Yeager-Torre Tracks 6
2nd Ria Waugh Snowflakes on Wool 5
3rd Ria Waugh Statehouse Staircase 4
4th Hugh St. Armond Tranquility 3
5th Carol Shurlow Time to Clean the Tub 2
HM John  Cagnina Clifton Mill Gas Station Museum 1
HM Dick Burry Spines and Webs 1
HM Dick Wood Cinci at Night 1
Color Prints    
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Ria Waugh La Biblioteca 6
2nd Ria Waugh Split Pomagranate 5
3rd Dick  Wood Time Passages 4
4th Darlene Yeager-Torre Tornado Warning 3
5th Mark  Fohl "Good" "Rich" 2
HM John Cagnina Abandoned Crowall Collier Building 1
HM George Clark Flag Outside the Library 1
HM Dick  Wood Summer Evening in Columbus 1
HM Mark  Fohl Ohio Village Livingroom 1
HM       1
Digital Scarlet    
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Carol Shurlow Demolition of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Plant 6
2nd Ria Waugh Colored Pencils 5
3rd Dick Wood Waiting for Spring 4
4th Frank Darr Leave Abstract 3
5th Cheri Brent Wooden Spoons 2
HM Frank Begun Frozen Fly 1
HM Sharon Telatnik Dew Drop 1
HM Charles Bowdle Into the Corner 1
HM Kala Estes Heartwarming 1
HM Kala Estes Splash of Red 1
HM John Cagnina Sedimentary Feeling 1
Digital Gray      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Audrey Begun Baby Humback Surfacing 6
2nd Wan Jung Bon Fire 5
3rd Carla Whipps- Shadwick Shoes and Feet 4
4th George Bleimes Reflected Glass 3
5th Gil Sears Meet My Little Friend 2
HM Karen Adams Reflections 1
HM Frank Begun Pollen Fly 1
HM Audrey Begun Batty Line Up 1
HM Boris Rudkevich Venice Rookery, Two Great Herons 1
HM Gil Sears Morning Mist 1



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