2013 - 2014 Salon Results

  2013-2014 Salon Digital SCARLET Winners
1st After the Storm John Enterline
2nd Heinz Memorial Chapel George Clark
3rd Colored Pencils Ria Waugh
4th Gnats over Heron Richard Marquardt
5th Frosty Sunrise Tim Patterson
hm Waiting for Spring Dick Wood
hm Persimmons and Friends John Enterline
hm Crop Dusting John Enterline
  37 total entries  
  2013-2014 Salon Digital GREY Winners
1st Almost Home Dave Mondeik
2nd Ol Cape Cod John Cagnina
3rd Baby Humpback Whale Audrey Begun
4th The Back Porch Cherry Williams
5th I'm Outta Here John Cagnina
hm We Split the Gear Frank Darr
hm Red Dress Jon Harvey
hm Bottles Cherry Williams
  24 total entries  
  2013-2014 Salon COLOR Print Winners
  Title Artist
1st Havana Daydreaming Ria Waugh
2nd Josephina Morning George Clark
3rd Time Passages Dick Wood
4th 5 Radishes John Enterline
5th Silent Reflections Sharon Telatnek
hm Gray Barn in Canola Field John Enterline
hm Castle in the Fiords Dick Burry
hm NY Pizza Dick Wood
  40 entries  
  2013-2014 Salon MONOCHROME Print Winners
  Title Artist
1st State House Stair Case Ria Waugh
2nd This Old House John Enterline
3rd Still Standing John Enterline
4th Crystal Cove Sunset Hughes St Armand
5th Sands of Time John Enterline
hm Thru the Cypress Ria Waugh
hm Primitive Baptist Church Dick Wood
hm Long Train Running George Clark
  39 total entries  
  Havana Daydreaming Ria Waugh

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